Sports and Leisure shoes

High Quality PU Synthetic Leather for Sports and Leisure Shoes

 Hand feeling: Soft hand feeling, good elasticity and rare folding;

       Wide varieties and high-level: Various products with unique styles and fashionable patterns;

 Lightness and Great comfort: With the promise of excellent functions, products have the characteristics of lightness and elasticity, in according with current shoe comfort trend;

   Excellent performance in integrated physical properties:

   — Good solvent and stain resistance ability;

            — Strong peeling strength, tearing strength, tensile strength, bursting strength and seaming strength;

              — Good color fastness and yellowing resistance;

              — Fully meet the special requirements of leisure and sport shoes;

 High durability: Perfect performance in hydrolysis, acid and alkali resistance。 Suitable for humid or extreme environment applications;

 Good torsion resistance under normal temperature and cold resistance: According to customers’ requirements and confirmed by Anli, product can reach -20°C/ over 80,000 cycles;

  Outstanding abrasion resistance:Special scratch and abrasion resistance polyurethane layer design。 No peeling and color fading on shoe surface;

  Good molding ability: Easy for cutting, high frequency and thermal cutting;

             Good shape maintenance: Not easy to distort for the finished sport and leisure shoes;

 Anti-bacteria and mould proof: According to customers’ requirements and confirmed by Anli, products can prevent the invasion & survival of bacteria and fungi. Reach the international standards ISO22196-2011 and ASTM G21-2009 to guarantee healthy and comfortable life and improve customer’s life quality and health level;

 Brilliant in eco-friendly performance:Pass the ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO14024(China Environmental Labelling Type I Product) and Chinese Ecological Synthetic Leather Certification. As per the customers’ requirement and confirmed by Anli, the products can reach eco-friendly standards as ROHS, EN-71-3, DIN38407(ISO17353), EN14362(AZO), DIN53315, DIN53314 (EN ISO17075), EN 2006 122 EC(PFOS), EN 2005 69 EC(PAHS), etc.


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