Balls and Sport Goods

High Quality PU Synthetic Leather for Balls and Sport Goods

    Hand feeling: Soft and full hand feeling, high resilience and high grade quality;

   With diverse varieties and full range: Anli products can meet the requirements of different levels of ball materials as professional match, training, promotion, gifts, etc. Anli is the global excellent professional supplier for medium and high classes of ball materials;

   Unique, multiple and stereo patterns: Mirror and bimirror patterns on ball perform great in flatness, transparence, coloring and crystal effect;

   High quality with perfect comprehensive physical properties:

   — Outstanding performance in tensile strength, bursting strength, tearing strength, peeling strength, seam strength, etc;

         — Excellent performance in hydrolysis, acid and alkali resistance。 Expert in aging resistance and long serving life;

         — High abrasion, scratch and strike resistance。 Confirmed by Anli, products can meet TABER, H-22/5000 times/weight loss less than 0。1g standard;

         — Great color fastness can hold the membranous layers and colors. Perfect performance in yellowing resistance;

         — Low water absorption;

         — Great performance in ball shape and sphericity. Widely used on machine suture and hand sewing balls;

   Easy processing: Easy cutting, rare folding and good shape maintenance fully meet the requirements of ball manufacturing and perfectly ensure the ball roundness;

 Brilliant eco-friendly performance: Pass the ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO14024(China Environmental Labelling Type I Product) and Chinese Ecological Synthetic Leather Certification。 As per customers’ requirements and confirmed by Anli, products can reach the eco-friendly standards as ROHS, EN-71-3, DIN38407(ISO17353), EN14362(AZO), DIN53315, DIN53314(EN ISO17075), EN 2006 122 EC(PFOS), EN 2005 69 EC(PAHS), etc。

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